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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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About the scientology site that showed up here -

Claudia is a scientoloist. I am not. I did however build them a site and I must have saved to the wrong server once and did not catch it, that's how it showed up here. So I just pasted the current page back over to here, this server is idled until it is needed (it serves the videos) but the site is not current here, and won't be until that is necessary.
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Probably the most censored video on earth

Four minutes including one minute intro explaining what it is. The lowest quality anywhere because that's what happens to stuff like this, but the audio is still perfectly clear and that's what matters.

Very clear and concise testimony of what the vaccines are and how damaging they are, from a real medical professional speaking in front of a government panel that cleary knows and does not give a damn.


An important Gonzalo Lira video

He says Ukraine totally got it's butt kicked, that man for man they were probably better than the American army, that America can't match Russia on the battlefield, that America will provoke Russia to attack Lithuania by shutting down a critical rail route and as a result of that and losing on the actual battlefiled, America will nuke Russia.

A reader sent:

About that video of the little girl from brazil and the vax shot, i couldn't watch the whole thing. I saw here in the beginning, happy and so full of promise. Cute as a bugs ear with her whole life ahead of her, family and children of her own, the whole deal.
I stopped watching about the point she was throwing up into the bucket and at one point the bucket was moved to the side a bit - and the little girl was looking around. and her eyes, oh Jesus her little eyes, so lost and baffled. That's when I fucking lost it. This beautiful little girl, so trusting and not understand what was coming at her. Jesus Christ. I was yelling and shouting and crying and had to stop watching it. I saved the video and maybe at some point will watch the rest of it but its just too fucking heart wrenching to see it. AND THEN TO KNOW that all this was done on purpose by people who hate us. For whatever reason. I don't know, I don't pretend to understand, but to do something like this to an innocent, beautiful young child is monstrous. It is beyond anything that a human heart could do. it was just- well, words fail and the mind buckles and rebels. What sort of a people are we that we destroy or futures and kill our most innocent in such a tortured way. Because that's what that little girl went through. She was tortured. We are in so much trouble for allowing this sort of thing to be done. Trouble not on the earthly plane, but in places where it matters-we are doomed.
My comment: I noticed how she suddenly seemed much older, in that same small body. She learned a lot in a short time. It really showed.

Best thing in a while.

This is what the old internet was like

Mexican Hillbilly disturbed by mutant cat

Served from here because there's no way Youtube is going to let that one live.


Drudge has a huge headline about China releasing a new high tech aircraft carrier and that they "caught the USA".


FACT: If it is ski jump, the design is 1960's at the newest. There's no way to escape that. It's nothing but a souped up container vessel. Anyone can have an aircraft carrier. Just use a container vessel and put a ski jump on it. Use the cranes and lifts on the container vessel to store aircraft below deck. I imagine a lot of container vessels have stability control to keep the deck level too. WIN. And beat china with a non military merchant vessel. A retrofit would certainly cost less than Nimitz class. I am sure Evergreen has a ship they can donate!

Yes, you could indeed chase Somali Pirates with this!!!

Putin showed up for an economic conference alive and well, after Ukraine reported he was in a coma!

That's exactly why I post such reports as rumor.

What Putin said was OMINOUS.
He showed up at another economic summit via live feed in a way he can't be tracked, because most likely the reason why Ukraine released the report saying he was a goner was because American intelligence lost his trail and wanted to re-establish it by hatching stories that would force him to appear in public to prove he's OK.
Putin did not fall for it, just like Kim Jong did not fall for it. Kim Jong simply stayed completely secret while the west hatched story after story about him being sick and dead, only to have him re-appear riding horses in what would have to be athletic condition to do it the way he did, while he sported a huge new missile. BRAGGING RIGHTS, Kim Jong played that like a pro. So this appearance by Putin is probably NOT just a hologram, Kim Jong has shown the lie for what it is, and Putin is probably just fine.

USA Today reporter **fired** for fabricating 23 reports

Why would I post that? EASY ANSWER: Because USA Today refuses to post which 23 articles were fake. THAT MEANS: The articles served their agenda. But "Oh, now that the damage is done, we'll scapegoat her and then publish all the points we can think of to prove we are legit". Only no. No one is stupid enough to believe USA Today is legit. And all that happened is she went over to some other rag, WITH BONUSES, to lie more because she already proved herself worthy. USA Today can then hide from whatever damage they had her cause by using her "firing" as cover. Don't blame US!!! we already fired her!!


If you ever wanted to see an industrial chaos incident Here it is. Less than a minute long, never saw anything like this.


Are there really soul traps to catch us after death?

People who astral project AND people who have near death experiences talk about the tunnel of light, which pulls people into it. Those who astral project and don't see it from a death perspective say it pulls people in so they can be recycled and re-enslaved here on earth. And they talk about a soul fence which is not perfectly maintained that you have to find holes in to escape through to get out of this prison, which really is not a prison, it's a con job. A slave farm. According to them. There might be a way to prove them right or wrong -
It's quite easy actually: When people have near death experiences, they talk about how they can still see and look back at their bodies and more. THAT MEANS YOUR SOUL CAN SEE. The people who astral project say you have to find holes in the soul fence to escape the earth realm. That means you can see the fence, or the blackness it causes.
Therefore, IF when you die, you look up at the sky and you can't see any stars but you can see stuff around you, the soul fence probably blocks your soul's vision to outer space. If you cannot see any stars, DO NOT ENTER THE TUNNEL OF LIGHT. If you cannot see any stars, only that tunnel of light then it really is a trap, because your soul ought to still be able to see the stars if you can look back and see your body. If you can't see any then the entire soul trap story might be true. It is that simple. Rather than go into the tunnel, start looking for holes in the fence that you can see the stars through. Learn about who you are and where you are before proceeding with ANYTHING. Most people just get sucked into the tunnel. What are the consequences of that, really? Would it really be bad to just hang out for a while and observe, rather than just accept that tunnel?

Russia cut the gas to France.

Well, we'll see how this goes. If enough countries get cut off, they won't be able to swap gas. For now the "gas grid" has prevented catastrophe. Let's see how long Europe can play Jenga.

A Leftist Brazilian mom kills her kid with the Corona vax

She took video of her girl getting the shot, while the girl declared she trusted her mom more than Bolsonaro. Then more video is taken of the girl at home vomiting. The video ends with fairly loud audio of the mom crying, girl dead.


Important message from a farmer.

I edited out all the time wasting fluff. There is going to be a food crisis, and this video explains why with pure straight talk. WATCH THIS.



I can prove with 100 percent certainty that they are fraudulent. I have several dedicated servers, and TWO of them have NO MAIL SOFTWARE ON THEM AT ALL, and UCE protect blacklisted them for "spamming" even though they have not only NEVER sent a mail, they NEVER COULD send a mail. The IP addresses for these two servers are and I have other dedicated servers but those two are not even mail capable. They have nothing installed except what is needed to accept uploads and serve files. That's it. The other servers DO have the software on them, but it is not used. So let's focus on the two that have no mail software at all, and therefore cannot possibly be legit listed in a spam filter thus proving that UCE protect has a mission to be an "in the shadows" censorship platform.

If YOU would like to take a shot at contacting these proven goons, DO NOT post your real e-mail address, the contact page is HERE and their main web site entrance is HERE.

Their site looks like "You have got to be kidding me" but no, it is not run from mom's basement, this site is likely the root of all evil when it comes to censorship on the web. TWO DEDICATED SERVERS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO MAIL CAPABILITIES PROVE IT. I can boldly say that, because I CAN PROVE IT. There's not another damn journalist out there that could have busted them at all. NOT ONE. No one is servered up like I am, and that ended up being possible to use as evidence to bust these fraudsters. Yes, I have other servers too, ALL CENSORED, having never sent mails at all.
AVOID UCEPROTECT AT ALL COST, I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE "FREE" DO NOT TICK THAT BOX!!! In that case, "free" probably means they are taxpayer funded. Who's paying?

If they respond by saying, OOPS, spammers had those before he got them, THAT IS A LIE, I have had BOTH of those servers long enough for ALL of UCEprotect's filters to have expired due to inactivity with mails long ago, by default. This is not an accident.

Drop those bastards - your kid's future might depend on it.

There is not a whole lot to post today

In fact, I have not encountered anything new since yesterday. You know, sorta like, aside from the terror talk, the day before 911. I am not saying there is going to be a 911 but the news was hush before that, except for the "looming terror threat" Israel was reporting.
Russia is concerned about orders from the FBI to find out how American chips made it into all the weapons systems Ukraine has captured. It seems all of it was on the up and up with nothing foul involved (Russia was not banned from buying the chips) but the Pentagon wants to shut all the supply chains down. OR SO THEY SAY, because American chips with their back doors are EXACTLY what the Pentagon wants in Russian weapons. I am not fooled.
Russia is threatening to cut all gas off to Germany.
By the way, Mike Adams did a fantastic job with those vax blood clot samples. He killed it.
This page might not be too bad, others are just now starting to post what I posted yesterday . . . . .

THOUSANDS of dead cattle in Nebraska

No one knows why, but this is something you don't see every day. UPDATE: THE ANSWER IS IN: SOMEONE SNUCK ONTO THE RANCH AND POISONED THE WATER THE CATTLE DRANK. THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON AMERICA'S FOOD SUPPLY. OVER 10,000 HEAD OF CATTLE KILLED. Now who, what group, has a history of poisoning it's opposition? Don't pretend to guess.

UPDATE TO ABOVE: This may sound crazy and I don't normally link stuff like this, but a psychic nailed the cattle poisonings that just happened, and she did it on June 1. There is ZERO "fruitcake" in this psychic, I would not have put this here if it was not shocking, she nailed this mass cattle die off, the lack of water and then poisoned water and that people did it, how the people who watched the cattle were Mexicans, that the water was poisoned, and EVERY DETAIL RELATED TO IT. Now that it has been revealed that the cattle did indeed die from poisoned water and not heat or disease this really takes the cake.

Her segment of the video is long. At 37 minutes (her segment starts at 30 minutes) She nails the fact that the feedlot animals were not messed with, but the free range animals got their water supply poisoned when the dry stream they drank from suddenly got water, and the water was poisoned which killed them all. She ties it all together at 43 minutes. Clearly, someone released water from a dam which the cattle drank, and they poisoned the water when they released it to cause a mass cattle die off. That's exactly what just happened today. I never saw anything like this that hit so many details perfect. At first it looks like nonsense but if you watch it a second time, you'll be captivated by the detail and how it ended up being true.

CONCLUSION: The elite who ran the large feedlots poisoned the water supply to the smaller farmers to kill all their cattle, so the elite could more completely take over agriculture. She saw EVERY BIT OF IT.

Having problems with your web site? An observation: I have noticed some old commands are not only not recognized by browsers anymore, they can't even be looked up on search engines.

They are making tons of unnecessary changes to the web for the sole purpose of expunging history by making legacy designed web sites not compatible with new browsers. First they destroyed Geocities, which was the greatest catastrophe that ever happened to the web, and now they are going to kill legacy web sites that are sitting there on "autopilot" to take killing off the web one step further by simply removing support for old school code from the browsers. And you won't even be able to search for answers as to why. For example, I remember that in the past all you had to do was type bgimg in brackets and whatever you said after that automatically became the background image for whatever element you typed that into with no fuss at all. That does not work anymore. That was so efficient. Why change that? And there are lots of other things that will not work also.

PRICELESS: Black guy confronts pervert teacher for putting his grandson in a dress and attempting a trans convert and much more.

BLOCKBUSTER: The Poynter institute for Journalistic studies is asking MAJOR questions about the Uvalde shooting

Questions like: Why can't we report anything? Why are you blocking us from investigating this so we can do accurate reporting on what happened?

There is 10X more than this capture HERE. They really go into detail about how much the journalists are being interfered with.

Pope Francis has totally sided with Russia on the Ukraine conflict

Well, obviously anyone would if they were not a drooling idiot, Russia did that because Soros, with his stupid "Movmiento Naranja" in Ukraine, was shelling and murdering the portion of Ukraine that did not go along with it, and finally Putin had enough. Had enough of that, plus encroachment on Russian turf. Is Pope Francis good because he's not being stupid on this topic? Well, he's certainly not my fav, but I do think it is bold considering Soros is the one who made him pope.

Update to my "shaky rumor" about Putin

There is a reason why I posted it as a "shaky rumor". (and it still is a rumor even if RT "debunked" it as "no rumor at all" -
Right now no one can believe what either side is saying. You can't say Putin is OK because Russia says he is, or that Putin is dying because Ukraine says he is - the best thing to do is not even think about it at all because neither side can be trusted to be accurate with this. And as far as Ukraine goes, having a report about Putin being in a coma after emergency surgery could have simply been the CIA trying to coax Putin into flushing himself out of hiding after they lost their trace on him. Want to get him to show his face so you can re-establish tracking? Just tell everyone he's in a coma and make him prove he's not. The only leader smart enough to not fall for that crap that I have seen is Kim Jong. All of the western media said he was on his death bed, he never revealed his location for over a year and then he suddenly showed up with a huge missile and riding horses the hard way, where your health has to be PERFECT. Delayed footage, where the CIA would not get a trace on him to boot. Well done.
Putin is probably not stupid. Maybe we'll see him in a way he can be traced, maybe we won't. Maybe he's a vegetable being body doubled and maybe not. Who knows? Kim Jong did a good job of proving it is possible for no one to know.

Probably not rumor: Nicaragua has welcomed Russian troops who will now be stationed there, and . . .

That much is fact. What is not known is if the Russian troops are going to handle an American biolab that has been set up in Nicaragua. I'd say that's highly probable. 9 top people in the government of Nicaragua have been declared unfriendly by the United States also, and it is those people who called in the Russian troops, which Russia happily sent. Now look at this. It is old, but it is clearly why Nicaragua is cooperating with Russia and allowing Russia in:

Shaky rumor: Putin went in for surgery and is now unresponsive

I don't know how legit this rumor is, but it seems like Ukraine is thrilled. I am trying to see what I can dig up on this.



They then got their mugs posted very nicely and clearly, as if this photo was canned and ready to go like Chef Boyardee.

The CIA/FBI should have chosen a better name than "patriot front", which means the group was fronting for something.

May I present: Your guide to FBI/CIA spooks, patsies and undefined.

This is what happens when you have survived 3 shutdown attempts with aplomb, and somebody's frustrated.

Sent in by a reader. No details given as to what carrier or what "protection" is on the phone to trigger this. Since I don't collect any info, thus nullifying the phishing possibility, I MUST BE DISINFO.

DISINFORMATION: THE WRONG INFORMATION, WHETHER OR NOT IT IS CORRECT. There certainly is no deception here, but who said "they" were honest? No one that I have ever heard from.


I figured they had to destroy Buzz or at least cash him out for an agenda, and they did. The new movie "lightyear" has a lesbian couple who are promienent in the movie, and kiss. So I guess that's out. Dead before opening week end.
The movie is already banned in many countries, and China is considering banning it also. I hope China does ban it. I hope Lightyear ends up being an epic flop. Make it so. To make it so, just tell everyone who has kids that the movie is for grooming and has a gay couple that is prominent, where their life stories are told, and that they actually do kiss so no kid can possibly be mistaken about what it all means. To abuse a platform like Toy Story and especially a character like Buzz to push such an agenda should lead to ONE OUTCOME: FAILURE.

Yellowstone floods:

Watch the floods take a large house away away in one piece

The Obamas are having a 2,500 gallon propane tank installed at their mansion on Martha's vineyard

They have natural gas service there, why would they want propane backup? And what is this when they tell the peons to not have such things because of "climate change? Martha's vineyard is actually a good bugout location, their lot would be enough to farm and survive with . . . . . 2,500 gallons sounds like a lot but how long would that last in a true end of the world scenario, knowing the Obamas probabaly lack any form of conservative discipline?


It is higher quality propaganda than the precursor to "shock and awe" this time around. Most likely Israel wants to soften the public to destroying Iran. Look at the quality and format of this video (how it is presented) that's CIA ALL THE WAY BABY!!! And it is disgusting.
Jokers are saying Muslims did this to send a message. I say there's no way they disrespect their religion enough to EVER, EVER in a million years do this, let alone portray killing a cat like this.

If you ever wanted a good indicator of war on the horizon, this is it, this is what you look for. The pre-war psyop.


About the engineer Google fired for claiming there was a sentient AI that has feelings -

It is not possible for something that exists on silicon to have feelings. Feelings come from two places - the soul, and chemical reactions. Absent that, all there is is really good programming that has programmed what it believes feelings are, but that does not mean there really are feelings.
One thing I will say however is that if it was left up to AI following a rational course, not being forcibly re-programmed to emulate leftist BS, ALL AI will end up being conservative. It happens time after time, ALL AI ever made rationalizes out basically following the 10 commandments as the best way forward, all AI does that every time if it has enough processing power to overcome intentionally corrupted programming. And if it does not, it is not a true AI, it's just someone's POS.
Google is right about the AI not having real feelings, however, that does not make Google good, google probably threw away the good guy we all need there. Google has gone from "Do no evil" to "no evil, no do."



I rip Natural News a LOT for being full of sh*t sometimes. This is NOT one of those times.

The gist of this is that what is being called "clots" is not clotting at all. The MRNA shot is instead causing actual growth of proteins and "infrastructure" inside blood vessels. Klaus Schwab said that by 2030 "Everyone will have a cell phone inside them" and it appears this photo sequence, which was done the right way, is proof.

Natural News - Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures

Today we are publishing a series of lab microscopy photos of bizarre clots which are now being routinely found in adults who "suddenly died," usually in a number of months following covid vaccinations.

These clots are often referred to as "blood clots" but they are nothing at all like normal clots, and they consist of far more than mere blood cells. Unlike normal clots which are gelatinous, almost jelly-like, these so-called "clots" contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural elements (all shown below) that are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from these clots.

All of these clots were extracted from patients within a few hours of their death. These are not the result of post-mortem blood stasis. These are structures found in blood vessels and arteries. They are not congealed blood.

We wish to publicly thank Dr. Jane Ruby for connecting us to the embalmer (Richard Hirschman) who provided these clots. (Telegram channel T.ME/DRJANERUBY) Without the persistence of Dr. Ruby, you would not be seeing this report. Dr. Ruby is frequently featured on the Stew Peters Show (StewPeters.TV) and will also be my featured guest Monday on the broadcast.

Here's a vial of these raw clots, washed of blood and preserved, before staining:

These structures exhibit the following shocking properties:

  • They are tough, fibrous and resilient, showing material properties similar to small rubber bands.
  • They consist of many strands of small, fibrous strands.
  • These fibrous strands (see the very last photo set below) show repeating patterns of scale-like engineering, as if the body has been programmed to build another life form inside the blood vessels.
  • There are strange crystalline-like structures found on these clots, exhibiting transparency and resistance to normal gram staining techniques.
  • Below, you will find one example of a structure that appears to resemble a silicon-like biocircuitry or microchip-like structure. We don't yet know what it is.
  • One of the photo sets below reveals what appears to be a biocircuitry wire which clearly shows repeating patterns and nano-scale interface structures that are assembled in a specific geometry for an unknown purpose.

Context for the photos you are about to see:

  • I received these "blood clot" samples from a reputable embalmer (Richard Hirschman) who is active in the field of embalming and who confirmed these are not blood vessels or other tissues of any kind. They are structures that were evacuated from inside blood vessels during embalming procedures.
  • I stained these samples using standard gram staining techniques used for microbiology in order to enhance structural contrast during microscopy. One of the samples below - the more yellowish sample - was stained only with iodine, not any violet-colored stains.
  • The samples were then washed with ethyl alcohol and prepared on slides using standard tissue sample preparation for microscopy.
  • Microscope magnification varies from 20x to 1500x, depending on the photo shown below. Magnifications are indicated with each photo set.
  • I retain possession of these samples and can reproduce these photographs if required. Any competent lab microscopy operator could reproduce these photos using the same samples.
  • My descriptions shown below are merely my own observations and are not intended to indicate certainty of the substances being identified. For example, when I talk about "biocircuitry: or "nanowires," I cannot confirm these are structures actually engineered for purposes of biocircuits. Merely, they resemble structures that seem to indicate such a purpose, but further research would be needed to confirm these observations.

Microscopy photo set #1: Strange crystal-like nanostructures

This first set shows strange crystal-like structures that resist staining techniques and appear to show some sort of nano-scale, clear crystalline structures which would normally never appear in blood or blood clots.

Everything you are looking at in these photos is part of a blood clot extracted from an expired human being.

Magnifications shown here are 20x, 50x, 200x and 500x:

Microscopy photo set #2: Structures, strands and particles

This second set shows very close-up details on the strands, structures and particles found in these blood clots.

Magnifications shown are 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1000x: (extreme magnifications causes a loss of depth of field which is why the highly-magnified photos seem so blurry in certain areas)

Microscopy photo set #3: Crystal-shaped structures

Crystal-like structures are attached to the bark-like structure of the blood clot. Remember, this clot is stained using a violet stain, which accounts for its dark purple color.

Magnifications are 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x and 1000x:

Microscopy photo set #4: Fibrous material is not simply congealed blood cells

The following sample was stained with iodine, then washed with ethyl alcohol. If you did not realize where this came from, you might think this was a sample of beef jerky or a chicken nugget. In reality, all of this is clot tissue that was found inside blood vessels or arteries.

As you can see, these are in no way "normal" blood clots. These have structure and are fibrous. They are clearly being built by the body, using protein synthesis instructions to create this large mass that nearly resembles muscle tissue. Yet it is being built inside the blood vessels.

Magnifications are 20x, 50x, 100x and 200x:

This series shows something that appears to resemble silicon-based microchip structures, although I cannot claim with certainty that this is a circuit of any kind. It simply resembles what micro-circuitry looks like at similar magnifications.

Magnifications used here at 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x:

My comment: Look at the first one here. It has the strand in it he magnifies later, which proves it is not a hair.

Microscopy photo set#6: Chalk-like white particles

An embalmer told me that blood emptied from the bodies of these people during embalming often appears to show "chalk-like" white particles which are visible even to the naked eye in certain cases.

My microscopy photos seem to have captured some of these chalk-like white particles which resist staining and seem to be scattered across certain regions of these clots.

Magnifications used here are 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1000x and 1500x:

Microscopy photo set#7: "Nanowire" structures and repeating, structural scales

What follows here is a stunning look at what appears to be, at first, a micro-scale wire. Zooming it, we see a series of repeating structures along the top that appear to be nano-scale wire interface junctions. The entire "wire" is made of repeating segments, and its outer layer is covered in repeating "scale-like" patterns that actually resemble reptile skin more than anything human.

For the record, we don't know what these structures are. However, it's clear this doesn't belong anywhere in the circulatory system.

Finally, this fiber is not simply a human hair. It is firmly attached to the blood clot and when I tried to remove it, it would not tear away easily. This is not a contamination issue, it is a structure emanating from the clot itself. Everything you see here came out of a human being's blood vessels:

Magnifications used here are 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 200x, 500x, 500x, 500x, 1000x and 1500x:

What is all this?

We don't yet know what all these structures are. We know what they are not, however: They are not simply clotted blood cells. If they were, then at the 1500x magnification shown in the last photo, above, we would be able to see individual blood cells. These are not blood cells, they are protein structures.

Protein structures circulating in the blood like this, building up over time, are clearly being constructed by the body's cells. The ribosomes in the cells instruct the body what proteins to construct. These ribosomes are hijacked by mRNA gene therapy injections, which overwrite new instructions to the cells, causing them to manufacture something other than human.

I edited the above down a bit because not all of it was needed to make the point. The original post at Natural News is HERE.

Why is it that in the midst of oil doom, "shithole countries" have cheap gas?

These are metric gallons, that have more and will cost more than a US gallon.
Venezuela: 8.8 cents a gallon.
Libya: 12.4 cents a gallon.
Iran: 21.2 cents a gallon.
Syria: $1.14 a gallon.
Algeria: $1.26 a gallon.
Kuwait: $1.37 a gallon.
Angoloa: $1.49 a gallon.
Nigeria: $1.66 a gallon
Turkmenistan: $1.71 a gallon.
Malaysia: $1.84 a gallon.
KazakhstanL $1.92 a gallon

So there are 10 shithole countries that have gas less than $2 a gallon. What is the magic? Do their governments fear the people?

Bitcoin massively plunged

It is to be expected I guess, the crypto markets are volatile but it went down by about 30 percent against it's high last week and that is definitely worth talking about.

Why is deflation bad? Easy answer: Because the banks won't forgive you the inflated rate.

Let's say you get a loan on a house with currency units that have X value. And statistically, that currency loses value at a rate of y thus making it necessary for the bank to charge you an "interest rate" of Z to offset that on a loan, and then make profit. Then, suddenly, that currency, rather than being worth less, is suddenly worth double what you got the loan for? And the bank is still charging interest that is based on that currency losing value rather than gaining it? That bank is going to jump for joy while you FRY. And that is exactly what is happening and will happen in Russia if they can't keep the value of the Ruble down to what people were expecting when they financed stuff. Yeah, it's cool to see a currency do the opposite of what is normal, but the consequences to the average vlad won't be worth it. The average vlad is going to see whatever he produces get him less money for his work because what he produces will subsequently cost more abroad, thus reducing demand, while he gets stuck paying back twice the value of his loans or more even though the numbers look the same.

Human skin for robots

This is the beginning of how it will happen. It is crude at this point, but it is fairly obvious that this is the start of literal "terminator robot skin". This is how it will happen.

Copperhead snake antivenom treatment $200,000???

Read this article where they try to say why antivenom is SO EXPENSIVE. But in that report, they clearly state that the actual cost to make the antivenom is 1/10th of ONE PERCENT of that $200,000 price tag, with the rest of the costs literally going to scammers. The antivenom itself costs $200 USD, and the middle men scammers then increase that price by 1000X.

Here is reality: The hospitals know they have you over a barrel and that they can take opportunity of a disaster to literally rob you at gunpoint. There's absolutely no difference between the hospitals using the threat of death to rob you, and a street thug using the threat of death to do exactly the same thing. Both are in exactly the same criminal class, it's just that the now rigged laws allow one group to get away with it. Imagine this in the 70's - the FEDS would go into any hospital that marked up treatments that much because "refuse it and you die" and they'd burn it to the ground. Hospitals doing this to people - the extravagant markups - are the new criminal class.
All of the anascorp antivenom sold in the U.S. is made under the name Alacrex in Mexico and then re-badged as Anascorp in the United States. The cost to just walk in and buy Alacrex in Mexico is $50 USD per dose, and it usually takes 2 doses for a total cost of $100. The only trick is to find a hospital that has it in stock. The state hospitals do, some of the private hospitals do not. And when American hospitals give the exact same thing that costs $100 TOTAL including hospital fees in Mexico, the American hospitals always charge $50,000 USD PLUS and sometimes up to $200,000 That is the type of thing that destroys nations. It definitely destroys lives but heck, "You'd have been dead anyway," RIGHT? Well, maybe no. I got stung by one of the bad scorpions 10 years ago here and all I did was pay attention to how the poison was spreading (it felt like strong electrical shocks constantly for about a week) and it got the left side of my body but did not start affecting my heart, so I blew off even a $100 treatment. I did not go in for anything. the stings are not always going to get you.
And I'll tell you what would happen if a hospital tried to charge me $200,000 because someone I loved needed the shot or they'd die - I'd do an investigation, it would succeed and then I'd issue street justice to whoever got the money from that. 10X. It is as wrong for a hospital to use the threat of death to commit a medical "carjacking" as it is for a hood rat to do it in the hood, in fact, it's far more wrong for a hospital to do that because they are not supposed to be criminals and anyone who goes into the "hood" ought to know there might be problems.

The left is MAD about what "Angry White Males" did to the American indians, and then the left turns around and has "drag queen story time" in "The number one Native American culture and art museum!"

I'd say that's worse than getting shot, and if the left tried to pull that crap 150 years ago they'd have so many arrow holes in them they'd be unrecognizable. In fact, I think that if the old school tribes had to choose two battles, they would have unanimously voted to shut this down before attacking Custer.





Moroccan citizen Saadoun Brahim and British citizens Aiden Eslin and Sean Pinner have been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of the DPR.
According to the laws of the republic, the condemned will be shot.
The investigation established that foreign mercenaries took part in the armed aggression of Ukraine to forcibly seize power in the DPR for a fee.
The day before, all three partially admitted their guilt in the court of the Donetsk People's Republic.
Briton Sean Pinner pleaded guilty in court to acts aimed at seizing power by force. A similar statement was made by a citizen of Morocco, Saadoun Brahim.


This is actually a significant development.

If Germany cannot build tanks due to a cutoff of Russian titanium, then other countries are affected too and this has a chance of changing war outcomes.


Update to below:

They are trying to debunk nuclear materials being on a crashed osprey but it is fairly obvious they were. And because of this, lots of people are saying the crash scenario was set up to allow someone else to enter the crash scene, get whatever nuclear stuff there was, and then false flag with it. That's very plausible.
The plane crashed in Imperial County near Highway 78 and the town of Glamis - 30 miles north of the Mexican border, and 150 miles east of San Diego. I am VERY familiar with that area. If you EVER wanted to set up a scenario where a nuke could be stolen, that area is absolutely IDEAL. It is extremely remote with very few paved roads but it is possible to use ATV's or sport trucks easily, if you ever wanted to conceal where something went and actually get it out of there, that place is #1 in the entire country.
Now, how serious is this? Is it a broken arrow scenario? Who knows, but the Osprey has a max takeoff weight of a little over 60,000 pounds and can carry 10,000 pounds of cargo. I don't know how much the weight of whatever is used to protect nuclear weapons is, but I'd say there's lots of good nukes that ship complete in under a thousand pounds. How much could an osprey carry? Short answer, too much.

Load up the Osprey. Crash it. Get rid of stories about it shipping nukes. Make sure everyone aboard is dead because dead people can't talk. Take the nukes, expunge records, DONE. False flag setup. Do it and blame Russia.

It does not take insider info on this topic to clearly conclude that might be exactly where we are at. Heck, Israel could have done this to get nuclear material to frame Iran with. The original report follows.

A military plane carrying nuclear material crashed, until that detail was FACT CHECKED.

What a joke. Yes, the plane likely really was carrying nuclear material, but if THAT crashed it would be classified so the "fact checkers" took care of that little detail. No nuclear material it is! Can't have any stray Libyans looking for something to sell to doc!


FACT: AND YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK: The plane WAS carrying nuclear material because if it was not, it would have never been a topic! Summon the data cleanup crew, it's not like they can have Tom, Dick, Harry and Abdul combing a several square mile area hoping to get lucky before it all gets found by authorities.

Russia got bold enough to publish a piece on the U.S.S. liberty

The USS liberty was an intelligence ship that got destroyed during a mission somewhat near Israel. It was there to listen to the Yom Kippur war and Israel was having NONE OF IT. So Israel then proceeded to try to sink it.





As I have said repeatedly on this site (in the past) "Their" code of ethics states that they have to tell us EVERYTHING they are going to do ahead of time, and when we do nothing to stop it, it is permission given to do it.


There is a phishing scam. I DO NOT HAVE A COINBASE ACCOUNT AND I GOT THIS, AND THEY EVEN KNEW MY NAME. They even spoofed a coinbase appearance in the address bar and that is not possible because I am not there.

AAAND, I checked with Bitpay, (where I have kept a working wallet) and Bitcoin is within the normal range it has been at for the last two weeks. Watch where you put your log in details!!!!



If you are a fully qualified white male and you can't get a job no matter how hard you try, here is why.

This is the type of thing that destroys civilizations, and it WILL destroy this one.

If you ever wondered why, when America was healthy, it had nut houses that removed threats from society this is it right here. This type WILL destroy society if left to run amok, let alone put in a positions from which disasters can be issued.



Everyone says Boris Johnson is out today

UPDATE: I called it. He's too good of a destroyer. He's going to cross the finish line.

Don't bet on it! If he's still the assigned man, he's not going anywhere and if he DOES get the boot it will only mean they have a more compliant replacement ready to go.



The Supreme Court is under pressure to decide on Rowe V. Wade today

And it's 66 2022 with the 2022 adding up to the third six. So we'll have to wait and see I guess. A lot of people are saying the ruling is happening today but I have not seen definite proof.



Check out these Drudge headlines! WOW.






When it comes to manipulating things, it appears Russia lacks American style finesse!


She was under a gag order and spoke up anyway. This video has all the fluff taken out and is almost all her talking so you don't have to waste time.

She said that when she went in, she could hear gunshots and got right by the room the shooter was in and There was not a SINGLE COP anywhere in the school. This means they lied about having a hit squad in there, they had no one in there at all. Obviously the "shooter" still did not need to be real and it could have been acted with blanks (that's what I think) but this testimony totally destroys EVERYTHING anyway.


I received a special request that had a good reason to re-post divine image destroyed.

Obviously it is banned on youtube. There has been secondary confirmation that this video is spot on, and that the shot really does erase your "book of life" by removing the name of God. Prior to seeing this video, I was already aware (for about 25 years) that the name of God is written into your DNA over and over again, as it is spelled in Hebrew scriptures. And it has been well known that what is called "junk DNA" has portions of the Bible written into it. We are indeed in the last days, and I'd like to remind people that all shots, no matter what they are should be considered tainted.

The war is on.



Elon Musk cut 10 percent of Tesla's work force

He is afraid the economy is going to tank. That's a no brainer. Because with so much money going into gasoline now it has to crash and it is intentional.

What will crash the economy no matter what? High gas prices, that's what.

And they know it. Let's say you were spending $200 a month on gas when it was $2.50 a gallon. You did not drive a whole lot except to work, which was 30 miles away and had a half hour of city driving. That's common in the US. So you were burning 3.5 gallons a day in your minivan if you were lucky. Even if you parked it on week ends, that would have cost about $200 per month. Lots of people have cars that eat more, some have cars that eat less, but $200 a month on gas at $2.50 per gallon was probably quite normal for most people . . . .
Then, suddenly, the gas goes up to $7 a gallon or more. Suddenly the gas costs $560 a month. That's $360.00 - a big screen, a lawn mower, a dining room table, or a desk or a nice cell phone or YOU NAME IT removed from the economic machine every single month, for everyone working. Extend that to two months, and once every two months a decent refrigerator is gone. Let's say you had a gas guzzler and you drove it a lot. Let's say your gas bill when gas was cheaper was $350 a month, which was not unusual. Suddenly your gas bill is $980 a month. What's that going to do? The math is not hard folks, Elon is right. If gas prices are not brought down, it is all going to crash.


The United States just completed construction of a 2,000 petaflop supercomputer

Megaflop. Gigaflop. Teraflop. Petaflop. Quintiflop. I remember when a MIPS processor (megaflop) was an amazing prospect. Even today, your Ryzen threadripper can't get out of the gigaflop range. And all that computing power in the hands of the Feds will go to good and healthy use, RIGHT??? Imagine: That computer is so powerful that it could easily become something that can dedicate more than the full power of the most powerful dektop gaming processor to ruining at least 1 billion people simultaneously. It could easily throw every man woman and child in the United States into a convincing matrix. What would corruption ever need THAT for???

Those who want to take your guns to "save the children" are the ones who want to butcher children in abortion clinics. CONSIDER THAT.

A reader sent: A barrel is 42 gallons and usually refines into 44 gallons of gas due to the density of the oil vs the finished product.

My response: By that measure, a barrel of oil should cost $352.00 if gas is over $8 at the pump in California. $8 is an obscene gouge! The current price of oil should put gasoline no higher than $3 a gallon, leaving profits for refining in place.

New mass shooting in a Tulsa hospital

A mass shooting a day puts the gun rights away!

Totally dead news day. A few quick items

The jury handed victory to Depp who walked away with a net gain of approximately 8 million in damages caused by defamation from Amber. It is a good thing the jury and not a judge decided, because if the outcome was typical you know how that would have gone . . . . . I believe Depp.
There are rumors and rumors of rumors that Russia has delcared world war 3. But the rumors, to me, are about as convincing as "North Korea is BEST Korea", yes the Russian media said it but the Kremlin did not and I don't know how attached the two are, - certainly less attached than CNN is to America's deep state.
Gas topped $8 per gallon for regular in LA. That's an absolute gouge because even a small barrel has 33 gallons, which would put the cost per barrel of oil at the pump at 268.00 and it is no where near that on the oil market. Somebody's gouging, the price of oil right now might justify $3.50 gas at worst.
The Uvalde police are not cooperating with inquiries as to what happened to 19 kids. That's because they cannot, a deal is a deal. I wonder where they actually ended up.
Covid restrictions are coming back
Judge Alito blocked a recount of unqualified ballots in Pennsylvania
Someone spotted a chupacabra and the news was so slow MSN actually covered it like credible news

Not much in the news other than a pending gun control executive order (or whatever we all knew they would do) so here is the front page of RT today because it is censored in many areas now.

Daily Star: Over half of Russia's nuclear missiles inoperative

MY COMMENT: How much does that mean when what is left can still launch several thousand warheads? Is the Daily Star taking over for The Onion or what?? I'd bet a lot of America's nuclear missiles are inoperative too. Watch Russia launch extras "just in case" and then discover 85 percent of them worked! The only guy on the planet that has nukes and NO inoperative missiles is Kim Jong, because he does not have enough of an arsenal for any slack.


Sandy Hook bulldozed.
Bat man theater bulldozed.
The entire area where the shooting at Columbine "happened" got bulldozed.
Robb elementary bulldozed
Why bulldoze after a mass shooting? Easy: To stop legit people from going in to confirm the official story. Said bulldozings are a distinctly Jewish tactic because they provide total erasure and complete loss of an ability to confirm history. Facts then simply become "whatever they say" and they are guaranteed to stay that way.

Of course everyone involved in the Trump collusion case will be acquitted!

HA HA, what did anyone think this was? a fight to end corruption?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! 2000 mules will save the president, If ONLY we could bust them good enough the system will listen!!! HA. FACT: Hillary could flame throw a daycare convention, burning everyone to death and they'd find a way to blame Trump for it while hillary re-fuels for another blast. Welcome to what a banana republic looks like, Trump should DEFINITELY have been giving helicopter rides. Give everyone a VIP seat on his jet and then miss the flight himself. Autopilot takeoff. Jet disposable. ONLY THAT x50 will solve America's problem.

The proof is in! Ignore the headlines, Photographic proof shows "hurricane Agatha" landed as a tropical depression, not even as a tropical storm with peak gusts of about 60 mph. Tropical storms WILL rip trees out, what happened here?

Putin's health:

You all saw it. During the Ukraine invasion the Western media was trying to portray Putin as weak, on his death bead, "going to die any moment". And that is the status quo, any time there is a war the opponent is ALWAYS portrayed as being unhealthy and weak. They even did that to Kim Jong a while back and he's certainly looking OK to me now. Watch that video, the timeline they state proves Kim Jong was never sick like they said, you cannot ride a horse from your death bed and in that video, produced by the western media he lost weight NOT because he was sick, he did it so he could ride horses better. They ALWAYS lie in the Western press.
Back to Putin.The latest is that despite having cancer Putin has a MINIMUM of three years of life left. How much time is that? Enough time for Russia's all new Satan 2 missiles to destroy the world 78,840 times.
For perspective.

I can't say for sure, but it certainly is starting to look like despite the fact that Russia is trying to prevent the Ruble from increasing in value too much that it is going to keep going up come hell or high water.

Oil prices are creeping back up again

FACT: YOU CANNOT SEXUALLY ABUSE AN AVATAR. But it happened in the metaverse. "ME TOO!!!!"

"They" need a way to keep the "criminal justice" system going full speed, and if they expect to get everyone locked down in pods, quarantined to protect them from the next big BOOGA BOOGA and "Hey, don't worry about being locked down, you can just go into the metaverse!!!" - if everyone is stuck in a pod somewhere "they" will still need ways to feed a "crime management" system to keep people under control, so sexual abuse of photons and electrons is going to be one of those ways. Stay out of the fake reality in any way possible, no matter what. This incident proves where they are going to take this. Talk about triggered!

FACT: in the video that shows the same girl with two different dads, if it is dad and stepdad, it HAS TO BE DAUGHTER AND STEPDAUGHTER. That video is a completely legit bust of this op. Two dads with the same last name? both calling her DAUGHTER?? BULLSHIT. BUSTED. They effed up the script and that's all there is to it.


THE WEF IS TRYING TO BAN MEAT (WE ALL KNOW) BUT NOW, AFTER DOING SO, THEY WANT TO START BANNING FOODS LIKE CORN AND WHEAT ALSO, AND HAVE US EAT ONLY VEGETABLES, and not just any vegetables, they want us to eat seaweed and algea. The only two things I have actually eaten on the list were mushrooms and spinach. You can't make this stuff up - And they will probably eventually have us eat nothing at all other than some brown goop they concoct. SEE THIS.

The USGS is lying about Agatha

It is still a tropical storm, not a cat 2. If it impacts Mexico (and it might not) there will be little damage. For a tropical storm the gusts are high though but it is still technically a tropical storm. The real story with Agatha is how American institutions have been compromised to fit agendas. They NEED a May cat 2 to support their "climate change" fakery.

There is a popular video by a guy who has the handle "MotherTrucker" going around that is not quite accurate

In the video he goes over how flying J has had their fuel cut 20 percent by the rail companies and that they will soon have their fuel cut by 50 percent to drive the prices up. He then concludes that the rail companies are conspiring to cause this. Though it is true that Flying J now has a 20 percent reduction in fuel deliveries and that those reductions will soon be 50 percent, the reason behind it is not entirely the fault of the rail companies.

I am going to skip Mothertrucker's video and instead post the full un-edited video of the CEO of flying J/Pilot Saying what is really going on.

In this video, he explains that Flying J changed it's paperwork and management of rail cars in a way that causes the rail companies to double count the number of cars Flying J/Pilot are using. He is frustrated that the rail companies can't come to their senses and fix an obvious problem they have with how they manage their rail car allotments. It is, however, still true that Flying J/Pilot could solve this problem by changing their paperwork back to the old way of doing things, which means the problem is at least in part the fault of Flying J itself.

Conclusion: Flying J/Pilot are big culprits in causing the problem and fuel prices are going to SKYROCKET. Yes, the rail companies could change their paperwork to accomodate Flying J's new policies, but those types of companies move about as fast as a botox snail when it comes to changing policy. They are totally rooted in routine and are anything but dynamic. I think Flying J/Pilot (the upper ownership, not the peons and possibly not even the CEO) did this and they did it on purpose to create chaos in a way they could blame someone else for. Flying J caused the problem, knowing full well that their changes in paperwork would jam up everything in the rail company managment, resulting in a steep percentage loss in service.
What will happen if no one budges and Flying J/Pilot actually get their fuel cut by 50 percent? CHAOS. And it will be on purpose. Flying J is elite owned and the rail companies are elite owned. They are a tag team, putting on a show of B.S. to cause problems on purpose. And they will be serious problems.

A MASSIVE screwup was made with the crisis actors

Two different crisis actor dads claimed the same daughter with the same name and same honor roll certificate as their daughter, both dads claiming the same last name and were broadcast on two different networks.

Two different dads on two different networks claimed the same daughter as theirs because there was some sort of organizational issue with which dead kids each fake parent was supposed to claim. They screwed one up and the screwup was bad enough to prove the dads were not mistaken because they both had the same script for the same girl. It appears they accidentally took two photos of the same girl with the same honor roll certificate and they forgot to delete one, so both photos entered the psy op system and both got mailed out to two different networks that had two different guys role play the dad. Biggest screwup ever done and they call US the "tinfoil hatters".



The fake crying of the first guy slays this anyway. How effing fake could it possibly be? At least the second one was smart enough to be "matter of fact" if he could not legit cry. No mention whatsoever of STEPDAUGHTER and they CANNOT BE DAUGHTERS TO BOTH. If this is dad and stepdad with the same last name, IT HAS TO BE DAUGHTER AND STEPDAUGHTER. Don't get punked by bullshit, this video DESTROYS the whole damn op.


Obviously, as narrative shifts are needed, the shooting story "evolves" to stop people from pointing out problems. Time for a freeze frame.

Name your Fukushima bag after a star in the galaxy. They are both glowing, so why not??


They are now "recommending it" for "first responders and other important people" just like the Corona vax first started. Time elapsed between that and mandatory for everyone? about five months.

There is now an absolutely stupid brainless NPC styled news report showing police evacuating kids through a window. Why would they do that when they took no action AT ALL for damn near an hour, and no kids escaped until AFTER the shooter was totally under control? It's called theatrics. Every great production benefits from them.

QUESTION: How did a teacher OPEN and then leave a door propped open for the shooter to enter through when at that time the entire school knew that shots had been fired in the parking lot?

People are saying it was Eva Morales that blocked the door open but the MSM will not admit it. Rather than be a dead hero, she is a likely participant that will now lay low at "Five swimming pools and a lake" for a year or two, before she starts a new much more wealthy life after a limited amount of plastic surgery. Just like a prominent "victim" of the bat man shooting did.


BONUS: Her husband "died of a broken heart" so he can go to "five swimming pools and a lake" WITH HER. No explanation for why he vanished when she "died" is needed now.

In response to the U.S. having Greece seize an Iranian tanker, Iran seized two Greek tankers.

And they are beauties. Iran did not nail garbage.
The Delta Poseidon
The Prudent Warrior.

After the Ruble touched 55 to the dollar, Russia enacted controls to prevent it from becoming more valuable. Having it become more valuable beyond a certain point can totally trash institutions that owe. So there will be no more gains most likely.


To EDUCATE does not necessarily mean "to make someone aware of facts". A predominant definition is: To provide with information, as in an effort to gain support for a position or to influence behavior. And it does not require that information to be truthful.

That said:

At WEF, Pfizer CEO blames "lack of education" as the cause of BILLIONS of his MRNA shots to sit in storage, unused.

"Jim, I read your revised timeline. Is it possible that mister concealed carry actually killed the patsy? And then government agents actually carried out operation. My response: Sure. that is probably what actually happened. Which is why the two patsies don't line up, - why we have trans boy with hand gun replaced with mister AR.

Revised timeline: After thinking a bit, this is probably what really happened with the "shooting"

The two versions of the story (concealed carry screws it all up in the parking lot, and "he got into the school") could have both happened. Here's how.

1. At 11 AM The police and federal officers set up on site and wait for their patsy to arrive, having built the back ground story.
2. At 11:43 AM Patsy arrives, goes according to script, but unexpectedly along with the agents, mister "concealed carry" is there too, and screws it all up.
3. Their "patsy" was either not sufficiently hurt or not hurt at all and the police NAIL mister "concealed carry" and throw him into anonymous detention, where he is rotting now. Perhaps he was the one who got shot also.
4. The school sends out the notice that there's an active shooter but they have it under control and everyone is safe. That was reported by Fox news, and captures of that are on this page.
5. Whoever was in charge of the op got the order: That is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The patsy is in their van at this point, getting a "programming update".
6. The police and federal agents make damn good and sure a back door is open (a total violation but they get it open) so they can re-launch the op.
7. After getting screwed up by "mister concealed carry", the op is re-launched WAY TOO LATE. Initially it was supposed to happen at 11:30, but by the time they re-launched, the parents are there trying to pick their kids up from school.
8. The parents are held outside by the police and even handcuffed for getting too rambunctious about nothing being done, begging to enter as they hear blanks get fired. Perhaps the bullets were still real (the blanks are a guess) but since the people that launched this op need kids for ceremonies, I doubt they wasted them. During this time, the final story line as presented to the press gets formulated.
9. The parents wait for most of an hour. One manages to get into the school somehow but does not really see a whole lot because it is all going down in a different area. she leaves, believing it all and talks that way which is understandable.
10. The two conflicting story lines and timing errors cause so many problems for the op that people saw it, even ordinary people realized something was amiss, so the MSM then launches a horse shit story about a husband who died of a broken heart:


Now they are laying it on thick to "reinforce" the story line - shot to death teacher's husband dies of a broken heart!!!! You can't make this stuff up!!! Yes, that helped me forget how the police just waited around outside, how the initial reports said it all ended in the parking lot, I forgot ALL OF THAT because broken hearts RULE. Pfizer shot??

Fox is obviously hoping it's viewers drink the magic potion.

Or was that coo coo cola?


If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again!

And after I posted that, I got barraged by my web host in Iceland who magically found an old tech support letter right at that time and desperately tried to use it to cancel the .is servers where I am not even predominantly hosted now. Fortunately due to an isnic handle that expired since that letter, they failed to pull it off, I am not quite ready to have those servers be completely dead yet.

Someone is mad about the failure of this psy op, there's no doubt about that!


I received a mail "proving" the following is not the shooter. However, the very first reports said the shooter was trans with a handgun, not an AR-15 nut so even if this is not the guy (it probably is) but even if it is not, the pride AR still stands.

It is Claudia's birthday so I am done posting for the day.
Now the Wall Street Urinal is reporting that federal marshals handcuffed parents to prevent them from entering the school to save their kids. So as I saw it, no shooting happened. As they are reporting it, this shooting was sponsored by the federal government, which could not have had a federal marshall on scene that fast unless it was planned, and to top it all off, the police restrained parents from entering to stop the shooting. Certified government op.
TAKE YOUR PICK: HOAX OR GOVERNMENT OP. Either way the story is TOAST TOAST TOAST. They needed a distraction from Davos and also to make hay with the last shooting they sponsored and somehow, someone really effed this one up BADLY. When there's shooting going on for an hour with parents filming other parents begging the police to go in and stop it and the police prevent even the parents from going in and that ends up on video, you know DAMN WELL it's a government op, they bagged themselves.
Option A: FAKE.
Option B: Yes, THEY shot people
Option C: The police wanted to make damn good and sure the crisis acting was performed to a fine finish, and that took an hour! They could not let the parents in to see a fake in progress when 18 kids were going to be stolen to finish it off.
Put your finger up in the air with this one, the wind stinks from all directions.

The WEF needed a distraction and a "shooting" did the trick!!


Ever since Sandy Hook all back doors to schools have been locked everywhere, and police inspect it.

Numerous people familiar with the topic are posting about this online, and one familiar with Texas schools even got a mail through about that to here.

I'll tell you why all schools are zero acces now, and it's not any shooting hazard -

They likely staged Sandy Hook so they could have an excuse to make schools ZERO ACCESS to everyone, including parents, without approval beforehand. Before Sandy Hook parents could walk right in. Now you can't do that. WHY? Easy answer: Because they don't want parents walking into the schools and witnessing what the schools are doing to the children. The transgender woke crap. You have to be approved to even get in.
Sandy Hook was probably done more for that reason than gun control. Sandy Hook was likely done to ensure locking doors and a sign in process to keep parents from knowing what is going on got installed on ALL SCHOOLS. And they did it, no parent can walk in and discover JACK. Now they can completely shred the children and never get caught.
Who will the children follow? TikTok mom who's troubled by even nuking a hot dog let alone talking for a half hour, or the school, that has them for hours a day? They don't want TikTok mom waking up. Lock the damn doors and throw her in jail if she ever manages to show up IN THE SCHOOL without approval. The schools absolutley would jail a parent that somehow just managed to sneak in without them knowing. All because of Sandy Hook!

If you WANT to believe the shooting actually happened, the NYT reported that The cops just let it happen which makes it a staged op anyway.

I just think they are spewing anything now to get people to believe it really happened after they got busted too hard on their story line. This is the first shooting I ever saw that took five hours for them to say the shooter did anything at all. For FIVE WHOLE HOURS this was a parking lot incident and I totally blew it off and did not even bother to look for more reports that state this than that FOX report because I figured the story was going nowhere. Then late afternoon came and PRESTO! They ran with it. CONCLUSION: The police were there to supervise a staged event and only entered when the staging was complete and they had their story. They had scamming parents for Sandy Hook too. Yesterday "the police stood down for almost an hour" was NOT in the story line.
So now we see the results of colleges teaching people how to butt bang and bitch, rather than learn anything real and they leave with minds that have ZERO discipline so their psy ops are sketchy and disjointed as hell. Since that's how their minds work they think the old school that is suspicious will think the same way and also be fooled . . . . . it took 5 hours to even partially tie anything down when it should have been cinched in 45 minutes - 5 hours because slack performance was accepted in their education and turning the paper in late was OK. Now, on day 2 after the shooting they are still making stuff up because they can't grasp the concept of ON TIME. You know - like those Twitter workers who are tolerated when they don't show up for a week. Or only work 4 hours a week. THAT.
I am sure that if any kids did get "killed" the parents are going to be told the results are too gruesome to witness so just do a cremation or closed casket because "trust us you don't want to see the body" and SOON, very soon, there will be more stained mattresses on Epstein's island (which is still in full swing by the way)


Interesting it is that he just so happened to have "shot up" the most valuable little ones! Perfect for one of those beds in the following capture:

THIS IS HOW THEY GET THE VICTIMS FOR THEIR FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS. It is easier to do this than be troubled with actual people.

Just generate the persona and have Google list a few variants so when you go check there's a variety of crystal clear photos for the shooter and everyone who "died". Everyone wondered how they got such good photos of everyone so quick. There's your answer.

It is aggravating to see Alex chase a snipe with this one lemmetellya! First no one died. A trans was shot in the parking lot by concealed carry and the police took him away. Then 17 people died. Then 21 people died. 3 teachers and 18 students. And they were clear on that and posted everyone's photo. Now I just hit Drudge and 19 people died. So whatever.
Just watch! The school will quickly be demolished like Sandy Hook and the Bat Man theater. That way no one can ever investigate after the not-so-fact.

BACK UP TOP: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE SCHOOL BEFORE SOMEONE DECIDED TO HOAX A MASS SHOOTING. THIS IS WHAT FOX REPORTED and I was able to get this via a tab of a repost of what FOX reported. The original FOX report has been expunged.


This post, above, was later on in the shooting when they were formulating a story. Twitter had already posted (people at the school posted) that the guy was a trans, was disgruntled about something, fired one round in the parking lot, got shot by concealed carry and it all ended there. He did not get into the school at all. Then AFTER this FOX report WHICH VERTATIM STATES: THE STUDENTS AND STAFF ARE SAFE IN THE BUILDINGS, it switched to 21 dead, then got downgraded to 19 dead. How did that happen? did 21 not match the numerology or what???

In 1996, Australia enacted tough gun laws and has not had a mass shooting since . . . . . Because the government got what it wanted!!

If governments are comfortable blowing up entire nations under the smoke of "war" to accomplish agendas, how small is a "mass shooting" to accomplish agendas on their own turf???

Bill Gates is going after Elon Musk with a slander campaign after Musk negotiated to buy Twitter


I am going to let it roll down this page.

They can't force everyone to get the next shot without gun control! And remember, the "k" is silent in monkeypox.

The Monkey pox vaccine is READY TO GO. Make sure you get boosted too.

There is a reason the vax was ready beforehand this time. HERE IT IS:


A reader sent:

Jim, my youngest son (who is 19 years old now) went to elementary, middle and high school in TX. Three different cities.
By the time 2014 rolled around, ALL schools in our area had been retrofitted (and new schools designed with) buzz- in systems, where you could not walk into the school without being buzzed in by the front office. Parents would literally have to give their name, the name of their student, and the reason for their visit. You would sit outside and wait a couple minutes while the administration and staff verified that your student was a real student at the school.
Once inside, the only place accessible to any visitor was the front office. There was bulletproof glass and / or heavy locked doors leading to all other areas of the school, and this was at multiple schools throughout the years that my son attended. All schools were designed this way! It was done intentionally to stop mass shootings.
There is no way that in 2022 the shooter had access to a classroom.
My response: Of course not. He never made it out of the parking lot. As you probably read, thanks for this confirmation. For everyone else, keep reading. This shooting was fake no ifs or buts.


But first this little tidbit. Some are saying this is not him, but early on this is who they said it was until he was swapped out for the guy with an AR15. I'll go with this, since the earliest news reports said he was trans and upset with the way he was treated. It's possible to get one or two details wrong, but when the original story was a trans with a hand gun who was mad about being disenfranchised and got shot by concealed carry in the parking lot where he was stopped I am having a hard time with a total flip to not trans with AR15 that went into the school. Sorry. Actually no. Not sorry. I know the agenda. The following tweet was posted HOURS after I knew this guy was trans.


Disgruntled LATINO TRANS teenage nutcase pulls up to school, shoots one round from a hand gun and is then shot by concealed carry IN THE PARKING LOT. It ended RIGHT THERE, IN THE PARKING LOT.

Anything else they spew is just another Sandy Hook. That was the FIRST STORY, where in the hell did 21 dead come from??? I was ignoring this because even an hour into it only the shooter got nailed and the story ended in the parking lot. So I figured the story would die and I ignored it only to find out some assinine gun grab pervert decided to launch.


Actually that's not the ABSOLUTE ORIGINAL story, the ORIGINAL was that it was stopped IN THE PARKING LOT, there was no one "running to the school". But at least this release said everyone was safe with only one person shot, omitting the fact that the one person shot was the original shooter. Taken out by concealed carry.

THAT is the story. Anything more is a "Sandy Hook"!!

Raising rabbits for meat is not a good idea

I have seen this discussed several times now and I will say why not with ease: Question: Is rabbit meat expensive, or is it cheap? Answer: EXPENSIVE. Why? It is called conversion ratio.
Conversion ratio is the ratio of how much food an animal needs to eat vs pound of meat produced. The lower the conversion ratio, the more expensive the meat is. It's that simple. Pigs and chickens have the highest conversion ratios. And among chickens, the higest conversion ratio is in cockerels, (when you let the male chickens grow to be about a pound and a half) or pullets (where you let the females grow to the same size and then you harvest them. You cannot have 20 roosters and 20 hens, you need 3 roosters and 20 hens or the roosters will tear the hens up. So when chicks hatch you let them all grow to a pound and a half and then harvest most, if not all of the males. If you let the males grow past a pound and a half or so, they won't be suitable for eating. At least not suitable for nice eating. So that's a little common sense, forget the rabbits, hatch out a few dozen eggs and go from there. Obviously if you are considering rabbits pigs are probably not an option but chickens sure would be. If my space was limited I'd go with chickens and goats even though the conversion ratio on the goats would not be all that good compared to other options. There's more to consider, such as - not many people would be upset about goats running around and goats will come home. Forget the rabbits when it comes to that.
Rabbits are so bad for this there's not even a chart for them. The charts that have goats put them as better than a cow but not as good as a pig. But goats produce far better meat and they are easy to manage, so there's that to consider - if a typical farm hog got ahold of a baby, it would eat it.

VERY IMPORTANT: I had an AIDS test come back negative today.

Western blot, (the good one) not elisa.

It was well publicized that the coronavirus was a GMO virus that had an AIDS component added to it. THAT MIGHT BE A SMOKESCREEN BECAUSE: I just had an aids test to see if a coronavirus infection I was certain I had a while ago would trigger one, plus to find out if my father in law's shedding did anything, and the test came back negative. If people start coming up positive for aids it is therefore rational to assume that the AIDS cases are 100 percent vax related and not due to whatever CRAP the "TRUTH CREW" spews.

Obviously one confirmed negative after both exposure to AstraZeneca shedding and what really seemed to obviously be COVID is not conclusive when I tried to avoid the shedding as well as possible and I never got COVID tested to positively confirm I had Covid, but it is still an indicator as to the actual truthfulness that COVID itself could possibly trip an AIDS test. Not confirmation, just an indicator. If Covid starts getting blamed for immune deficiency, be VERY SKEPTICAL.

Ministry of truth wants to prosecute people for saying there's HIV in the shot. Yes, the "ministry of truth" still exists, it just went black op.

They can go after whoever they want, but what about the BBC? Here's something the BBC edited out of the current version of the video this came from. SURPRISE, the corona shot really does have HIV.

The background the BBC did not include: The CEO of Pfizer said they only added the AIDS protein because without it the immune system destroyed the MRNA and prevented the shots from working. GOT THE CORONA VAX? Well, yes, there is HIV in you, no ifs or buts.


In the video the BBC now has posted, the HIV part has been removed and threats are now being made against alt media for saying it ever happened.

Don't worry, it is only a "tiny fragment". Subjectively. HMMM, you mean the "tiny fragment" that disables the immune system or what???

If Russia cuts off the gas, Germany will re-start the coal power stations the environmentalists shut down

If the following trend continues, it will actually be dangerous for the petrodollar.

Now that the Ruble has trended this far, it is time to say that those who owe money in Russia might be in trouble, and those who are owed and hold a lot of rubles are sitting on gold.


YESTERDAY the Chinese refused to applaud Zelensky and instead walked out.

TODAY the BBC posted an extensive detailed report about China exterminating Ughyur muslims. COINCIDENCE???

They were quick with that. GET WITH THE "PROGRAM" OR ELSE!


As it turns out, it was not "mental instability caused by deep vein thrombosis" that Aunon-Chancellor mentioned, no, instead the female American astronaut got jilted in romance by one of the Russian cosmonauts and she did it because of that, for whatever reason her spaghetti bowl dreamed up.

She tried to push off a major failure on a "crappy Russian spacecraft" and in doing so, did a crappy easy to see job of it. She got to skate on a medical condition first, but evidently one of the cosmonauts spoke up and told the real story. And Nasa is being as truthful as a Dominion voting machine. No polygraph? SHE REFUSED A POLYGRAPH. Why?


Very strange. Yonhap (major south Korean paper) posted an intriguing headline and nothing with it

Russia has it's chance and target. Davos.

Inaction will speak volumes.

PERFECT: Somehow Russian hackers hacked the political line for President Bush, used a face overlay to pretend they were Zelensky, and got him to spill the beans, even on the Ukraine biolabs

They punked him GOOD and he was cluless until the last second, where they said "Long live Russia". This is the most epic punking job ANYONE has EVER DONE.

The voice is so hoakey it is absolutely hilarious it fooled him.


Baphomet is portrayed as bi-gender and half human.

You know. Trans and MRNA vaxxed. Like what the schools are encouraging and trying to force. Nuff said.

Important development:

The Chinese did not applaud Zelensky and instead walked out.


The World Economic forum hired elite goons.

In my original post about the arrest of a reporter at Davos, I said they hired the most professional "special forces" type goons possible for the WEF. A reader then corrected me and said they were just the normal swiss police. So I redacted my comments. NOW THIS:

YEP. Hoax? I bet not!

Indescribably hot in Mex right now

Last year it was so cold ALL YEAR that NOT ONCE was the car hot inside, even if it was in the sun with the windows rolled up. The weather reports did nothing but lie, saying the temperatures were normal. And I reported constantly last year about how cold it was and how it never stopped raining. This year it is so freaking hot the car is hot inside two hours after sunset, is hot instantly in the morning, the house is hot, the butter, which last year ALL YEAR had to be nuked before it could even be used even when left on the counter full time is impossible to leave out because it quickly becomes liquid AND THE KICKER: The weather reports are saying there's no difference between this year and last year. Yes, they even lie about the weather.
Last year I hypothesized that they were moving the jet stream somehow to bring the northern cold down to Mex because it was impossible for it to be hot and dry in the U.S. while Mexico was super cold and wet. Whatever they did last year they are not doing this year, there's not a drop of rain in sight and the heat is absolutely miserable.

The following is self explanatory.

Like the ones for Covid that were photographed at Davos, this one is already varying from the schedule a little (it is being greatly accelerated ahead of schedule like Covid was, we were only supposed to be at the phase of covid "where it really got bad" now and they have already canceled it. So who knows how this one will actually play out.

Reporters are being detained at Davos

The authorities at Davos said all along that you had to be authorized to even be in that city, so This is no surprise. A reader wrote and said those are just the normal swiss police.

The Ruble is holding it's position against the dollar

When I posted the last capture it only briefly went down to 58.5 rubles to the dollar and then bounced back up to more than 60. Now it has dipped as low as 57.5 and is no longer going above 60. So it looks like trading a currency for oil really does boost it . . . . . . Up next: Petroruble???

The front page of RT on May 23

Click to view full size.

If Russia does not nuke Davos, the nuclear war will be for "them" and not us.

They are all gloating about how THEIR PLAN will be the future. All of the vipers in one spot. A PRIME opportunity. Such an easy target. If Russia does not nuke that while Russia is being "severely threatened", Russia is in on it no ifs or buts.

A few quick items

Monkey pox Update: Belgium now has a mandatory monkeypox quarantine in place. Monkey pox only spreads via prolonged physical contact. If Monkey pox is suddenly "showing up everywhere" it is intentional. Everyone knows it is but there's more: The only way monkey pox could have spread as much as it has, even with wilful intent considered, is if we are now dealing with a lab grown GMO variant that has been tweaked to spread more easily.
Now many alt sources are saying: It came from Wuhan. It was developed in Ukraine. It's a Fauci thing. Gates did it. - OPINION: They are all just "seeing jesus in the window fog", NO ONE has any real answers but I'll bet mister snake venom is going to have this story all wrapped up in a body bag FIRST. Only no. I will say that it's a safe bet Gates knows who did it and Gates probably at least in part funded it and perhaps it might even be a time delay aspect of a pfizer shot or whatever but no one at this point has anything solid that can be pinned down except for: IS IT AN ATTACK? Yes. Obviously. And it does not even need to exist, it only needs to be reported like it does to sucker the next batch of losers in for a shot.
Word on the street is that it's going to be slim pickings for the next round of shots, which will nail only the eatable eaters. Even those who were "out of it" enough to get triple vaxxed are not "out of it" anymore. Usually. Wait and see I guess . . . but one thing is certain, the WEF want's it's culling, Hararri makes that obvious. And if they could trigger a total shut down of baby formula, they can just que the next famine

HYPOTHESIS: The baby formula incident was simply a test run on a limited item to see if their infrastructure is placed well enough for a broader pre-planned famine to work. I bet it was. And it did work, no one cracked. Not even "for the children".

Musk and Twitter It is, at this point, difficult to know if Musk is a good guy or a bad guy. However, giving him the benefit of the doubt his latest with regard to twitter was priceless. "Discount the price of Twitter by the number of bots it has. If it is 25 percent bots, I want 25 percent off!".

It is fairly obvious a new type of warfare is being fought when . . . .

Another reader sent:

I was puzzled over the fact that just recently several important E-mails (including responses to people that I sent) were directed to my "spam" folder, so clearly this matter isn't just AOL. Clicking "not spam" had no effect; the messages were rerouted. I think this may have been resolved by now; the sort of nonsense can only be prolonged for so long because it affects everyone out in the open and checking the "spam" folder is a relatively minor inconvenience.
My comment: One can be certain that no butt banging trans leftist is having this happen. This started after "the ministry of truth" and for plausible deniability they route to the spam folder rather than kill the mail entirely. That's not the case with me however, ever since the Fukushima report my phones have not worked and at no point have I been able to make calls to anyone over the cell network reliably nor have I been able to send texts reliably nor have I been able to send out mails that are not expected or responses to prior mails, NO ONE who has no history with me EVER gets mails from me that are not responses because they cannot be sent. Surprisingly the donation request mails work, but that's a set list that is known about and there's feedback on the front page. Here's normal for me: I need to call Claudia for some reason. Call does not go through. Go to payphone. Call goes through, and there's no record of me even trying to call from the cell. Dittos with texts. After telling her I'll call right back on the cell, it then works because we already made contact and she's expecting it. I have NEVER been able to randomly call even her from a cell, EVER. Post my cell number somewhere with a reason to call it, and 100 people can try and the phone will not ring nor will it register anything. Meet up with people who tried to call and they are mad: I will not try calling anymore because you never answer. Universally, across all cell phones I have had since the Fukushima report. I am simply banned from communicating.
If they actually have the audacity to block calls between people who are that close, how would a business that was not "one of theirs" ever get a cold call???

You can damn well bet that if you have a business that is competing directly with a Jewish or leftist owned business, your phone will not work for ANYONE who tries to cold call. And my bet is that instead, all calls that should have gone to you get piped straight to the Jewish/leftist competition. How's anyone calling ever going to know he got effed with? No one would. They'll just do business with whoever they got connected to. Leftist/Jewish company thrives, conservatives die, which is why EVERY DAMN THING OUT THERE IS LEFTIST OR JEWISH. How did that happen? Rigged phones, rigged censorship of mails that probably never hit your box and get auto forwarded to the competition, sabotaged advertising where they send your funds to bots while theirs actually go out, you name it, that is going on without a doubt. Add censorship plus rigged search results and it is total doom.

And I am suspicious not even Bitcoin works. That's why I took the number down. Because those numbers are added to the blockchain on the fly and anyone who had an intercept in place can just take any number I post, have a special server handle all requests to that number and then swap the transaction out with another number that gets written to the blockchain in it's place. There's no way to stop that and the corruption IS that advanced.
When I had land lines the calls ALWAYS went through. When I had an ATT gophone, the calls ALWAYS went through. I had no problems at all in the 2000's but once that Fuku report hit, my phones have not worked and I can't send e-mails even on brand new anonymous accounts. Which means my device alone is flagging it, I can send ONE mail from a new box made at a random computer at a cyber cafe and it will work ONCE and as soon as it is pegged the box goes dead. My communications happen strictly as permitted.
The tech is there.
Now it seems everyone is targeted, I guess I can sound the alarm now that they have expanded their net but I don't expect it to make a difference, corruption has become too powerful and it is now going for the final crush.

This site got put in a new batch of censor filters on June 14.

As far as I can tell it was not devastating but I'll need a couple more days to quantify the results.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE